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Alpha Omega Search, LLC is a woman-owned search firm differentiated by quality, size, communication, and results

Based in Houston | National Executive and Legal Search

αlpha οmega search LLC is differentiated from others by quality, size, communication, and results. We take only a few searches at a time to provide a high quality, efficient recruiting process. We follow up on our placed candidates! 100% of direct hire candidates contribute to client organizations at least 1.5 years. Resume submittal to placement ratio, depending on if new or existing client, averages 3:1 to 4:1. We offer contingent and retained search services. Whether executive level leadership or critical, team contributor making a great match is combined science and art. Many searches are technical or analytical in nature. Technical or legal acumen is not enough–organizations need communicators to advance business objectives. As career narrators and techy litmus testers of “soft skills” we excel. It takes understanding work experiences, drivers, and soft skills of a candidate. It takes understanding true responsibilities, career growth opportunities, a culture (or micro-cultures), and particulars of management from a client. Clients range by industry, practice area, and size from national and international organizations with several billion in revenue to privately backed start up. Placement type is tailored to client need: contingency or retained search and niche consulting. The best compliments are referrals. So that you can focus on your job AO is where the search for talent begins and ends.

Relationships Are Powerful

An Organization’s Greatest Assets Are Its Employees

Technical and Legal Acumen Is Not Enough

Acting With Integrity Is Important

Managing Member, Liz Stanley has a natural curiosity about how organizations operate, communicate, secure information, mitigate risk, and make money.  She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Vanderbilt University in 1995.  Post-graduation, Liz performed change management and project coordinator activities while working for HCA Healthcare’s data center in native middle Tennessee before transitioning briefly to equity research in medical devices for SunTrust Equitable Securities.  Liz soon realized she loved people, research, and achieving goals more than infrastructure or spreadsheets alone and turned analytical and people skills into nationally ranked sales achievements in healthcare.  Becoming increasingly interested in what made organizations and people “tick” she began recruiting attorneys in 2010 and information technologists in 2011.  Personable and tenacious, sharpshooting is her style of recruiting. Clients can expect resumes to be few and on-target.